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no worries, when I get home, I'll make the 25 I WANT on the list... but I'm doing this at my grandmas so... I'm basing this on the version 24 list mainly...

I know, I know - Blindmen are broken, but not after Cheat got hit to three and Robot got hit to 2. Blindman have become a side archetype that can only spam Warriors and Servants anyway. I say, depending on what gets hit from the Chaos Archetype is what should stay hit from Blindmen... If the Recycle build gets hit (which it should) we should see the return of Thief since, while Thief isn't a main support for the deck, it very well could be, especially in a deck like Chaos. If we see the destruction build get hit, we should see the return of Ruler so Blindmen can counter Chaos, because... what the fuck can outspam Blindmen?

THE REST OF THE INVOS (Blocky Draco, Planetoid Eris, etc.)

Invo decks just aren't that powerful anymore what with the decks being at 60 and Planetoids having only 5 Earths, I say, we can take every invo off the list at this rate, so long as we don't bring back Mega Lice or Naut. Blocky Draco should return for nobody runs it... hell, not even Blockys run it... Nazca Arachnid should come back because it's easy to counter now that we have Field killers and now that more than half the meta decks run fields ANYWAY! Nazca Triangle wont stay on the field long, so you can just attack through anyway not worrying about Arachnid fucking you up... The Planetoid Invos, as stated before, could come back because Earth is at 5, causing the deck to rely too much on Nazca Triangle and Blocky Wire. And we all know Neptune is a terrible card to run, but you'll have to if you want that FTK... So yes I'm implying that Earth may be on my "I want banned" list...  again one that I'll get to in the near future...


Tarret coming back may have bugged me, but that's only because it does burn damage to your opponent. that, if spammed can cause you to win in 10 turns... but now that Add to the Stack and Skillray Teser are gone, I guess I don't have to worry about DG's keeping up there deck higher than mine. Thus, DG Boosters could in fact, make a return. Yes, it may cause boring games, but with all the slow decks returning - I don't think we have to worry about one from the DG's especially, if the DG's are Spam DG's.


as of Version 25, Clone Machine returned to 1. Which caused me to laugh as I knew my Core Technition deck would return... sadly to my dismay, I had the realization that it wasn't Clone Machine breaking my deck, it was the fact I had 15 cards in the deck that broke it... having the ability to draw into Core Technition every game was what broke it... but now that its a 1/6 chance I'll draw into one, I can see Clone Machine decks becoming less overpowered, and more of a strategy deck.


Another "thats broken" deck, but I'm being very serious saying this... Zodes... don't... need... Legend... of... the... Scorpion... With Scorpio at 2, thats a simple 10 card spam. LotS just makes the burn slower, yes... you heard me right... Zodes are Slower running this card. - Reason being is Taurus is at 1, and so is spring loaded... so... We ca- no, SHOULD see the return of Legend of he Scorpion.


"wait... aren't you the savior that said Pencil should be banned?" why, yes... yes I am. But I feel sad for the Ultimate Pencil, its a Quop that never got used even when the full pencils were at 2. But having the return of the Non-Effect Pencil Parts may result in something new... doubt it, but maybe.


RANEdeers aren't consistant with it, and VTs cant run it... so whats the point of keeping it at 5?


now that Teser is gone, Skillrays have no excuse not to still have this card, I realize when this was hit decks were at 40 and Life Points were at 200. But now that decks are 60 and Life is at 1000, granted, I'm aware Burn decks will defiantly have a return, but thats a risk I'm willing to take, besides, Nanchaku is at 5 with Wizard at 5 and Gravedigger and Revivathon at 10 so, it's not like we don't ALREADY see them.


Tempest, did not need to get hit, same with Blocky God, you can only run 1 - Tempest and God can't be ran in more than 1 other than to draw it quicker and then what? If Tempest's effect didn't state "Each Turn" and B-God wasn't too conditional I'd understand, but 30 Blockys in the grave is difficult, even if you ran a Hand Virus and waited 30 turns, it still causes him to run too slow.


...do I need to explain why this need no longer to be on the list... sure - it gets you a free special. But at the cost of a card in your discard. And once again, with Add to the Stack and Teser gone... no point in worrying that they'll recycle (unless you're chaos).



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