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Deck Building:

In Lackey there are tabs on the top of the screen - One should say "Deck Editor" Click that.

While building a deck there are guidelines you need to follow

  • The Deck must be 60 Cards. No More No Less.
  • No more than 5 of one card in a deck.
  • The "Starting" Deck can be up to 20 cards and can only contain Quops

Types of Cards:

there are 6 types of cards colour coated and have something special about them.


  • Monsters: There can only be 3 of these on the field and you can only play one of these a turn (Unless otherwise instructed) The Circle on the picture block tell what kind of monster it is
  • C = Creature
  • D = Doodle
  • G = God (or Godly)
  • Skill: Again only 3 of these on the field and can only play 1 per turn. the small square tells what kind of skill it is
    • Arrow: stays on the field, effect usually activates each turn.
    • 1: Only use once then goes to the discard/ grave.
    • Line Across: No Longer counts as skill (see Field card)
    • S: Summon Skill: these summon certain summonables.
  • Invo: You can play as many of these from your hand and there can be as many on the field at a time. These cannot attack or use their effects unless there is a card on the field that states "Invos can activate". They also dont count as monsters.
  • Equipment: you can play as many of these from your hand as there can be as many of these on the field at the time. You put the monsters / invos ontop of these cards to state that they are equipped to the card.
  • Field: These Do NOT count as skill cards although some skills have a horizontal line in the type-box referring to being a field type skill card. there can only be one of these on the field at a time (unless further instructed)
  • Quop: you equip the needed cards to summon these. These cards do NOT go into the main deck and instead go into the Starting deck. These count as monsters - so only 3 of these on the field at a time unless further instructed.
  • Summonable: can only be summoned by a Summon Skill card, these cards go into the main deck. these count as monsters
  • In Play:

    when playing of course there are rules.

    • Each player starts with 3 cards in there hand.
    • Draw 1 card to start your turn.
    • You may only play 1 monster and 1 skill (unless further instructed)
    • Each turn: You may attack once with any or all of your monsters/ invos/ quops
    • Then end your turn.

    Ways of Winning:

    • If you deck out: you lose
    • If you run out of life points: You lose
    • if you play a card that states you win... you win.

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