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This wont be final, these are just ideas I'm tossing around.

A D - Really there was no point in limiting it other than to troll around.

ABC: Zack - It's really hard to pull off without Freddy, or Steve, and the deck is seeing no play anyway, unlimiting Zack would probably do nothing to hurt the game.

Alphabet Land - The card isn't like "Alphabetical Draw" it specials instead of forcefully allows you to draw half your deck.

To 2:

Castle Walls - I want to shut down Antimetas, currently they're too good what with the Sign/Seal Archetype stopping No L and No W from being played at all.

To 1: 

The Almighty Pencil Set - before I get flamed, this'll only be a test, no more, no less.

Blindman's Cheat - If I'll be slowing down the game, I'll need to hit the fastest deck in the game, and what better way to do it than hit their starting fuse.


Blindman's Thief - If the Almighty Pencil set comes back, we will not want to see Blind Pencils again, will we? (Well, Buddeh Might)

Bookcase - This card is way too abusable, same goes for "Determined Draw", it's seen its run, now time to go.

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Cheat! - Who plays Gamble Decks? Honestly?

Last Card - (See ABC: Zack)

Luis - Really, who would play this card? It's too slow.

Monster Spammer - This card is so stupidly underpowered now, and let's face it... no one plays it.

Olympian: Eros - This card is pretty worthless in an Olympian deck... Just Saying.

Phobia: Coulrophobia - Costumes are a good deck, but I feel they are a little slow with this at 2.

Planetoid: Jupiter - Planetoids aren't good without the Quops they can run (Naut and Mega Lice)

Planetoid: Saturn - (See Planetoid: Jupiter)

Possum Man - It's been at 3 long enough with seeing no play.

Royal Flush - The card sees no play.

Skillray: Reworthemalf - We brought back Magmaball how long ago?

Wingbred Chicken - Wingbreds aren't a very good deck in all honesty... so I thought "bring back the twins"

Winbred Rooster - (See Wingbred Chicken)

To 3

Cyborg Switch - Since Cyborgs are getting more support in the upcoming set (version 30) I think I should open up more plays for Cyborgs.

To 2

Gurn - You have been asking for this for some time now. So here you go! Be happy.

Star Dream - Too Good...

To 1

D.G. Radurr - I noticed they can't play well without Radurr, Technition is staying at 1 though.

Eris, Olympian Goddess of Chaos - Doodle has been pushing QuopGods so I may as well help.

Galaxy Overload - I did not mean to bring this back to 2, I was exparamenting with the spreadsheet and I guess I accidently saved it. -____-

Hand Disintegration - One of the ways I'm shutting down Antimeta.

MultiQuop - I don't think this card will be too much trouble, as long as we keep it low.

Playbill: Caius - A 400 beater that isn't hard to use... Nuff said.

Playbill: Hamlet - It's another Othello


Determined Draw - (See Bookcase)

Element 92: Uranium - One of the ways I'm shutting down Antimeta.

Quopbeast - This card opens up so many plays. Litterally every deck uses it, and if we are to slow down the game, we must ban this card.

Sign 'C' - Famine - It shuts down the Sign deck and it shuts down Antimeta...

Skillray: Nommus - I'll be slowing down the game to my best abilities. and Nommus opens up too many plays.

Super Anti-Meta Overpowered Doodle - Best way to shut down Antimeta? Take out their best card from the game.

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You're missing the bag comet... c; you'll see what I mean.

anyway, the pencil set should never return... we don't want to repeat version 17.



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Pencil no
D.Draw and B.Case no


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